About Us

Company Overview

Summary. Organix is an organic residuals management company specializing in the management, production, utilization, marketing and sales of organic-based soil amendments – primarily those generated by confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs) and municipalities. The Company was founded in early 2001 as a result of the challenges with managing a growing compost and yard debris recycling facility in a suburban area of Portland, Oregon. To date Organix has processed over 4 billion pounds of material across the Northwest and beyond offering organic waste consulting, finished product sales, environmental impact resolution and public relations campaigns.

Primary Client Services: The Organix business model includes oversight in the area of equipment procurement, site design, securing of complimentary feedstock, securing and negotiation of transport, permit compliance, site management of equipment and personnel, business development, sales and marketing of finished products, public relations and concerted media campaigns.

Ancillary services provided to clients: Client questionnaire for defining goals, strengths and weaknesses; defining regional sales markets; reviewing value-added services like anaerobic digestion and finished material application; creating site pro-formas; coordinating mailers, phone advertising campaigns, press releases, etc.; permit processes and regulatory assistance; trade magazine exposure.

Primary target feedstocks: Dairy, poultry, feedlot, agricultural waste, fruit waste, wood waste, municipal food and yard waste.

Company / Client Statistics

Current number of wholesale amendment clients: 97
Quantity of tons processed in 2004: 850,000
Quantity of tons processed in 2005: 1.4MM
Stats: largest permitted compost site in Oregon (150 acres);
Largest circle farm in North America (93,000 acres)
Largest dairy in U.S.(23,000 milking cows)
Number of PowerPlant™ cubic yards produced in 2005: ~100,000

Target market of amendments: landscape supply, nursery, erosion control, animal bedding, agricultural amendments, soil remediation, streamside restoration, golf courses, organic growers, methane production.

Company strengths: management, relationships, market timing, experience, customer service, market development, communication, location.

Research and Development: Organix has entered into several strategic relationships with energy related companies to harness the energy potential found in commercial food waste, yard wastes and manure. Municipalities are under increasing pressure to divert organic residuals from the landfill. Methane digestion plants for electricity or natural gas conversion are now viable. CAFOs are also under great pressure nationally to manage manure. The USEPA and USDA have jointly issued regulations requiring cafos to begin acting responsibly with their effluent. Farm-based power facilities offer the best possible solution when coupled with a manure management plan that includes composting.