In recent years, U.S. organic waste producers have become targets for various regulatory agencies and environmental watchdog groups due to waste stream production—often referenced as nutrient load. Organix specializes in taking agricultural, municipal and other organic wastes and turning them into valuable, revenue generating soil amendments through composting and power production in order to minimize organic waste accumulation and consequences.

Organix effectively helps to turn a waste operation toward sustainability utilizing over 40 years of combined business experience and ownership in composting, farming, start-ups, business management and business growth. Primary services offered by Organix include:

Current customers Skyridge Farms in Sunnyside, Washington. Since becoming fully operational in April 2001, one site processes over one-half billion pounds of farm and municipally generated waste annually. Other customers include a variety of dairies, farms, landscape supply yards, beef feedlots, egg producers, fryer and broiler facilities, nurseries, municipalities and lumber mills.